Each District 308 school is generously supported by the efforts of its parent organization. The individuals in these groups have graciously volunteered countless hours of time and effort to help our students thrive. From fund raising, assistance at school events, and the development of special programs to communicating with parents to keep them informed about their children’s education, the parent/school relationship is a critical and valued partnership. District 308 so strongly believes in the partnership between the school and families that it is the cornerstone of the district’s mission.

The district encourages parents to join their children in forming a close relationship with their school. By working together towards a common goal, everyone—especially our children—will benefit.Thank you for your participation and we look forward to an awesome school year.

Prairie Point Elementary Home & School is a hard-working team of parents, teachers and administration who want to give our students an opportunity for a great education. Through our special events, we provide opportunities for our Panther families to connect with their school community and raise funds for resources the District cannot provide. Every year Home and School has helped purchase items for the school such as an amazing reading lounge, curriculum enhancements and so much more. In our current budget crisis the added support parents give with their time and fundraising activities is even more important. Home and School is completely run by volunteers who want to make a difference in our children’s lives. Everyone is needed and everyone can make a difference. We greatly appreciate any support you can give!
Our meetings are usually held the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room, unless otherwise noted. The meetings are open to all parents, teachers, administration and local community members. During the meetings, upcoming events are discussed as well as issues concerning our school. Minutes from the meeting are posted on the website for your convenience. Children are always welcome at the meetings and childcare will be provided in the Gym for children who are at least three years old and potty trained. We encourage you to attend the meetings.